AdrenoMend is the only formulation that addresses the multiple systems involved in adrenal disorders.
Formulated by Dr Joseph J Collins RN ND
Your Adrenal Glands
Your adrenal glands produce a specific amount of two different kinds of hormones on a daily bases, and can quickly change the amount of those important hormones to protect your body. One kind of hormones comes from the outer layer (the adrenal cortex), and includes cortisol. The other kind of hormones is created in the middle (the adrenal medulla) and includes adrenaline. The amount of these hormone can change dramatically and are under the control of two different systems that respond to stress.
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It’s Not Just Adrenal Fatigue!
One of the first things that experienced clinicians realize when they are treating patients with fatigue disorders is that it’s not just the adrenal glands.
In 1950, Dr. Hans Selye, a Canadian endocrinologist, pointed out that the consequence of excessive stress is the “Generalized Adaption Syndrome”. So, what was first described as Generalized Adaptation Syndrome is now being called by the more popularized term “adrenal fatigue”. And while the adrenal glands play a major role is responding to the demands of stress, the adrenal glands are not the only part of the body affected by stress.
Learn about the multiple systems involved in adrenal fatigue.
Homeostasis Regulatory Systems
There are multiple systems involved in conditions that manifest as fatigue disorders. These systems regulate and balance hormones, the immune system, the nervous system, metabolism, detoxification, blood sugar, and the ability of every cell in your body to function properly.
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Adaptogenic Herbs
The proper combination and formulation of herbs in AdrenoMend restore optimal function to all of the of the homeostasis regulatory systems. The herbs were chosen based on their specific ability to restore homeostasis to multiple homeostasis regulatory systems, while not interfering with the function of any other homeostasis regulatory system.
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AdrenoMend Synergy
The ten herbs used in AdrenoMend work together synergistically to restore normal function of the homeostasis regulatory systems. No single adaptogen is able to support all twelve of the systems in a balanced fashion. Even those adaptogens that provide some support to nine, ten or eleven systems, they do not support all those systems with the same intensity. However, when the ten herbs are properly formulated, we find that through adaptogens synergy they are able to support all twelve of the systems is a balanced fashion.
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AdrenoMend Dosage
The adrenal health protocol, which can be used to restore proper function to twelve different homeostasis regulatory systems, follows specific variable dosage guidelines designed to safely and effectively initiate Hormone Specific Formulations such as AdrenoMend. This is followed by a phase to restore normal physiological functions, and then a phase to maintain optimal physiological function. These are the components of PROTOCOL 242, which has three phases: Initiation; Restoration, & Maintenance.
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Signs and Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue & Allostasis
The symptoms that have been associated with adrenal fatigue are common in most chronic conditions, as well as many acute conditions in which the body cannot adapt to the acute stressor. Adrenal fatigue, and fatigue of other systems that work with the adrenal gland, may cause a wide variety of signs and symptoms because low adrenal function can affect every part of the body.The degree of symptoms may vary from mild to severe and debilitating.
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Study each of the following pages, in order. Upon completion, you will know about adrenal gland physiology and the role the adrenal glands play in keeping the body in balance (homeostasis). You will know the adrenal response to stress (including allostasis), and the other systems that work with the adrenal gland to regulate homeostasis. You will know the various signs and symptoms associated with adrenal dysfunction, and which herbs affect specific symptoms and restore (or “Mend”) homeostasis regulation. In addition, you will know about adaptogens, adaptogen synergy and how to customize the protocol for adrenal renewal.
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